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Smallmouth Bass Flies
by Johnson

These high quality flies are designed and tied by John Johnson. John is a FFF certified instructor and has been teaching classes at the FFF Conclave for a number of years. His main focus has been aquatic insects and fishing for warm water species.

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Matuka fly

Olive Matuka #2
This is an excellent fly for trout
and smallmouth bass.
$2.95 ea.

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minnow fly

Minnow #2 A basic bait fish imitation. $2.95 ea SMF3

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SMbass fly

This fly is based on  the yearling smallmouth that are found in large numbers in smallmouth rivers. It is tied with lead wire that sinks the fly but still does not interfere with efficient casting.  Its broad bright belly attracts smallmouth from long distances even in muddy water. The realistic epoxy coated eyes likely help trigger the smallmouth to strike. Available in  size 4  .   Price   $2.50 SMF5

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Hopper fly

This grasshopper pattern is based on the red legged grasshopper.  It has a large foam rubber body to provide  good floatation,  realistic silicone rubber legs, and the flat face provides a fish appealing gurgle when twitched in the water.  Available in size 4,.   Price $2.95.

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Sparkle grub fly

This fly is based on patterns created by Will Ryan and Lefty Kreh.  It was designed to duplicate the bright colors and action of the professional bass tube jigs. The lead eyes allow the fly to rapidly sink when it is cast near the banks and its jigging action is very effective in triggering fish to strike. The eyes are painted with Poly-Sil paint to provide maximum durability. Available in dark chartreuse in size 4 .   Sparkle Grub  $1.95  SMF6

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Bass popper

Popper #2
A classic bass popper. It is great to watch the bass come up and smash this.Size 2
$3.95 ea  SMF7

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Bass popper

Popper#4. Poppers, one of the most effective files for smallmouth on the surface. This balsa popper is lighter than plastic or cork, floats higher, and is easier to cast. It has the latest silicone paint to provide good durability.  Available in  dark chartreuse in size 4.   Price $3.00.

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Deer Hair frog fly

Deer Hair Frog.  It is an excellent fly for anytime the water temperature is above 60o, even if the water is quite muddy.  This has been the most effective fly for catching lunker (> 18 inch) smallmouth. Available in dark chartreuse in size 2 .  Price $3.00.  SMF9

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Jocko's rabbit fly

Jocko's Rabbit Fly.  This fly is similar to the Lead Eyed Bunny Bugger tied by Tom Schmueker  and other rabbit flies tied by Dave Whitlock.  It has a long fluttering tail and soft silicone legs that help trigger strikes. The fly is particularly effective in the fall when the smallmouth are deep.   The lead eyes sink the fly and the up-facing hook make it somewhat weedless. Black has been very effective.  Durable Poly-Sil paint is used on  the eyes. Available in  size 4   .   Price  $2.50 SMF10

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